I’m a Romanian guy that likes to travel, to test his own limits and to experiment as much as possible. I like playing guitar, riding my bicycle, my motorcycle,  climbing, trekking, fishing and so on.

The reason why I’m doing this blog (and the attached vlog „My Way Around” on youtube) is because I want the people that are not so sure about travelling (like I was in the beginning)  to know more and to see more. Like this maybe they’ll have a little more courage and actually go on the road, not wonder at home with „what if”-s.

If you wanna go somewhere, put your shoes on and hit the road. It would be good if you can arrange everything at home while you’re away, but it’s not strictly necessary. You can also do it from the road – the internet is now about everywhere. Enjoy !

PS: if you have any questions, shoot ! 😉


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